Change and an Old Pair of Slippers

I love my slipper20140802-100314.jpgs. Slippers are the first thing I put on my  feet when I get home and the last thing I take off before I go to bed. Slippers are special to me. So, when I find a pair of slippers that I like, I hold onto them for a long time. Sometimes I hold onto them for too long.

It was last week when I finally recognized the long overdue fact that my old slippers had to go. Even my daughters had told me, “Those are gross, Mom.” I finally made a move to do something about it.

Our leadership tools and worship habits are sometimes like my old slippers. Our leadership techniques can grow old and stale, get mildew and dirt on them, and plain old wear out. Our worship styles can grow old and tired too. Changes in our fast-paced culture require changes in our leadership. This is true in leadership in all arenas, but especially true in the church. Ways that we used to reach those who were not part of the church no longer work for the millennials, and frankly, no longer work even for baby boomers.

Take a good look at your leadership style in your church and beyond. What techniques need to be changed? What techniques need to be added to your tool belt? Most importantly, what needs to be thrown out?

So how do you learn about new leadership techniques? How do you change the set of tools that you use? How do you find that new pair of slippers? I will talk about that in depth in my next blog, for now know there are many conferences and leadership books that can give you some insights into how to do things differently. Many of those conferences can be accessed on-line. Catalyst is one such conference.

I needed to change my slippers. They were worn out and had passed their usefulness. I did a quick search on the internet and found a new pair that arrived in the mail yesterday, and they fit me perfectly. Change is hard, but change has to take place in order to allow God to “order our steps” into something new. What change to your leadership style needs to take place in order to be all God is calling you and your church to be?