MUMC Youth Work Camp-Last Work Day

The following story is from Caleb G.

My resident is an older African-American woman from Georgia. Immediately upon our arrival she welcomed each member of our crew with big hugs. She kept saying, “Oh, I’m so happy y’all are here! I’m just so happy!” She always talks about how blessed she is. She continually offers us “pop”, that’s what New Yorkers call soda, chips, and Kool-Aid, which she puts way too much sugar in, but it’s good anyway. Unfortunately, she lost one of her sons to leukemia almost a year ago. Although she laments Howard, she recognizes that it all falls into God’s plan and knows that he is in a better place. Her continual enthusiasm and perseverance through even the toughest of times has been a inspiration to me and something I will strive to emulate in the future.

MUMC Youth Work Camp ~Almost Finished the Week of Camp


The youth and adults are doing great things in upper New York State. There have been seen all kinds of God sightings. This story was from Jerry today.

I have a story to tell you. So I had to move a birds nest to paint and inside that nest were two baby birds! When we put the nest on the ground the one hopped out and the mom bird found it. The mom abandoned the other bird though. We took care of the bird all day and at the end of the day we took the baby robin the the animal hospital. In the back of the hospital they had a place where they were gonna put the bird and it was a giant area where the birds fly and hang out so we know it’s in a good place. Just wanted to tell you my story!

-Jerry B.

MUMC Youth Work Camp ~ Sunday, and almost arrived

Dear Friends,
Yesterday our journey to New York to serve others and the Lord began, within that trip down we encountered the love of God shown through many different people. From all the big grins, waving and honking at our decorative cars with “honk for Jesus” and “we ❤️ Jesus” written all over the windows , to the hotel letting us all stay there and providing all us hungry kids with food and  coupons to all the appreciation and prayers people are sending for us!
   Then today we were warmly welcomed at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church by Father Daniel and the rest of the community where we were preached too, then they provided us with a delicious lunch of pulled pork sandwiches, pasta and salad!! During the service we were preached to about Jesus feeding 5,000 people with fish and bread and the light of God being spread out through an example of a rainbow. Part of the scripture reading from this morning really spoke to me about week were about to take on , it was Ephesians 3:14 “I bow my knees before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth takes its name. I pray that, according to the riches of his glory, he may grant that you may be strengthened in your inner being with the power through his spirit, and that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith…”. I enjoy going to other churches and seeing how others practice there religion however, I’ll always like how MUMC does things the best!!!
   Right now we’re about an hour outside of our destination Rochester New York! and I couldn’t be more excited to get this week started and see the work of Jesus through new and returning work campers!!!
                                 -Jill S.

MUMC Youth Work Camp–First God sighting!

MUMC Youth Work Camp participants are sending regular updates on their work in the field as they travel to upper New York State to the town of Charlotte. This was sent from Kim B earlier today, Saturday, as they made their way to the work site.

We aren’t even to Charlotte yet and had our first God sighting! Stopped for lunch at Panera. As all 28 of us were waiting in line a kind man complimented our wonderful group and asked where we were going. A few minutes later he returned and gave us a Panera gift card to buy breakfast for the kids!! Off to a great start. Love and blessings, Kim B.

Psalm 100

alaska2015-nikon (504)

We will start today as a prequel to our Psalm study which will begin on August 1st, 2015. Join in the conversation. Check out this link if you need to read Psalm 100 on-line. Use the questions found throughout the blog and at the end to guide some of your thoughts and please post some of your ideas below. This might be a great time to start a journal and journal some of your ideas.

Psalm 100 is perhaps one of the most used Psalms of praise, it is quoted in songs and hymns. Notice how many times the words thanks or praise are used. It reminds us that too often we forget to give thanks for the ordinary things of life.

This psalm is short and sweet, but it reminds us that we are not our own, in fact we belong to God. That is counter-cultural. Our world says that we are masters of our own destiny, the psalmist reminds us that we belong to God. What a different world view the Psalmist has than that of our daily environment. Do you ever think of yourself as belonging to God? As such, if you belong to God, what does that mean about all of your “possessions?”

We are reminded that God is faithful, that God’s love never gets smaller, but rather goes forward into eternity, forever, and forever and forever. The Hebrew word for loving kindness is “checed” which is so much bigger than our translations can express. Sometimes it is translated as steadfast love, or love, or just kindness. (Check out this link for more information.) Yet it is this all encompassing word that describes God’s enduring love for those whom God has created. Know that God’s love for YOU never ends and cannot be changed or modified. That means YOU are special and will always be special in the eyes of your Creator.

1. How can you make a joyful noise to the LORD today?

2. What experience have you had with this Psalm in the past?

3. How have you given thanks to God this week?

4. What would it look like to insert your own words in this Psalm for that for which you give praise and thanksgiving?