Psalm 100

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We will start today as a prequel to our Psalm study which will begin on August 1st, 2015. Join in the conversation. Check out this link if you need to read Psalm 100 on-line. Use the questions found throughout the blog and at the end to guide some of your thoughts and please post some of your ideas below. This might be a great time to start a journal and journal some of your ideas.

Psalm 100 is perhaps one of the most used Psalms of praise, it is quoted in songs and hymns. Notice how many times the words thanks or praise are used. It reminds us that too often we forget to give thanks for the ordinary things of life.

This psalm is short and sweet, but it reminds us that we are not our own, in fact we belong to God. That is counter-cultural. Our world says that we are masters of our own destiny, the psalmist reminds us that we belong to God. What a different world view the Psalmist has than that of our daily environment. Do you ever think of yourself as belonging to God? As such, if you belong to God, what does that mean about all of your “possessions?”

We are reminded that God is faithful, that God’s love never gets smaller, but rather goes forward into eternity, forever, and forever and forever. The Hebrew word for loving kindness is “checed” which is so much bigger than our translations can express. Sometimes it is translated as steadfast love, or love, or just kindness. (Check out this link for more information.) Yet it is this all encompassing word that describes God’s enduring love for those whom God has created. Know that God’s love for YOU never ends and cannot be changed or modified. That means YOU are special and will always be special in the eyes of your Creator.

1. How can you make a joyful noise to the LORD today?

2. What experience have you had with this Psalm in the past?

3. How have you given thanks to God this week?

4. What would it look like to insert your own words in this Psalm for that for which you give praise and thanksgiving?


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