Psalm 101 – Psalm Study

If it is August 1 we are on Psalm 101, if it is August 2 we will be on Psalm 102, etc.

Read Psalm 101 here.

This Psalm is attributed to David. It begins as a psalm of praise and quickly moves into the theme of justice for all. We see this theme of justice or, as it is called in the Hebrew Bible, “mishpat” used throughout the Old Testament. Love, justice, integrity, in short the psalmist is proclaiming the sovereignty of God.

The theme of justice is being called out in relation to our own lives. The psalmist is calling out each of us as individuals, reminding us that we each need to be responsible for justice and mercy in our homes, in our neighborhoods and in our world. How do I practice justice in my own household and in my own life? Do I make sure the affairs of my house and of my work are blameless before God? Do I stay away from those who do not follow that example? The psalmist says, “I will have no part in what the faithless people do.”

The writer then goes on to say that he/she will keep their eyes on the one who is faithful. They go on to say that their eyes are on the one who is blameless. While this psalm was written long before the time of Jesus, we know that there was only One who is blameless; there is only One who is sinless, that is Jesus the Christ. When we keep our eyes on the One who is blameless and strive to walk in the path of Jesus it will be much easier for us to lead a faithful life.

Where is a place that you can practice justice?


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