Psalm 104 ~Psalm Study

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Read Psalm 104 here.

To be honest, this is one of my favorite Psalms. Whenever I am in a vast place of natural beauty, this is the Psalm that I pull up and read out loud. Recently, that occurred while in Alaska gazing at the beauty of the land and the whales of the sea. It is a Psalm of praise and it is a powerful  masterpiece acclaiming God as The Creator.

The psalmist first looks at the residence of God: What do the heavens look like? The psalmist imagines God’s palace on the ocean deeps with chariots made out of clouds. Close your eyes and imagine this heavenly kingdom. Someday it shall all be revealed, for now we can only imagine.

The writer then looks at creation itself, step by step. God set the earth on its foundations. Can you see the waters flowing, stopping only by the boundary set in place by God? Is this boundary preventing the water from covering all the earth again also referring to the flood in Noah’s time?

The psalmist then moves to the animals and the vegetation of the earth. We are reminded that the moon and sun know when to go down. Not only does the writer speak of the creatures of the land, but also of the air and the sea. The sea, which is vast and spacious and teaming with life! If God has provided for all of these creatures, who are we to think that God will not provide for us? (Jesus, at a much later time, is perhaps referring to this psalm when he speaks to the crowd in Matthew 6:25–God clothes even the bird of the air, will God not take care of you too?)

Our minds should be blown away by the vastness and variety and creativity of God’s creation. The best part is that God allowed us to dwell here too, to be stewards of this great land. How can we not praise our God our creator, our redeemer and our sustainer of life?

If you want to know more, Pastor Louis Giglio does a wonderful teaching about this psalm and the vastness of the heavens which goes hand in hand with the song by Chris Tomlin entitled, “How Great is Our God”. Click on their names to hear a you tube teaching from the pastor, or to hear the Chris’ song.

P.S. At the end of this Psalm study I will post a Psalm created in the style of Psalm 104 created by a group standing in awe at the beauty of the Alaskan mountains, sea and air. What would your Psalm 104 look like?


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