Psalm 105 ~ Psalm Study

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Read Psalm 105 here.

Psalm 105 is another psalm of praise, but this one moves away from praising God for creation and instead begins to give thanks for the mighty acts of God in relation to God’s people. The key verse could be verse 4, “Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.”

The psalmist reminds us of the covenant God had with Abraham that was passed on to all of Abraham’s subsequent descendants. (See that covenant in Genesis 12:3.) We are reminded that God is faithful to God’s promise. Even Joseph being sold into slavery was used for good by the Almighty God who is always faithful to His chosen people. Subsequently God rescued God’s people from Egypt when they became enslaved. The psalmist retells the story of God’s saving grace for God’s people. God is faithful to God’s people.

Here is the amazing part for today’s application of this psalm to our daily lives. Christians inherit this covenant promise through Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul reminds us that we are grafted into the promise through Jesus. (Romans 11:11-24) As such, we too can count on God to be faithful. God remembers his covenant forever. As if that were not enough, God has redeemed us not out of Egypt, but out of the bondage of sin due to the saving work of Jesus on the cross. Now that is worth rejoicing for! Let’s join the writer of the psalm as we too give shouts of joy to our God who never forgets us and keeps His promises from generation to generation. How has God kept His promise to you on recent times?


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