Psalm 107 ~ Psalm Study


Read psalm 107 here.

Psalm 107 begins what is referred to as book V of the Psalms, which include 107 – 150, which is the last psalm of the protestant Bible. (There is an additional Psalm 151 that is part of the Septuagint.)

Once again, the psalmist begins with giving thanks to God for God’s “checed” love. The love that is steadfast and endures to the end all eternity.

Then the psalmist asks those who have been redeemed or saved or delivered by the mighty hand of God to tell their story. The psalmist begins to recount the things God has done. What is your story of deliverance? Tell your story. How has God delivered you in a time of distress? (To learn more about Telling Your Story join us for our next sermon series beginning August 22, 2015.)

And so the stories begin of the early Bible characters. While they are not specifically named, we often know of whom the author is referring: Those who wandered in the desert wastelands. This would be referring to Moses leading the people out of Egypt and through the desert to the promise lands. All was guided by God’s mighty hand of mercy and grace. (Who says there is no grace and mercy in the Old Testament? There is mercy and grace throughout the biblical witness!)

Once again, we see story after story of God’s deliverance…deliverance from the darkness, deliverance from the seas. We hear how God lifted the needy out of their affliction.

Time and time again, God delivers God’s people. Even here in this psalm written long before the birth of Jesus we see threads moving towards God’s ultimate plan. Do you see verse 14? “He brought them out of darkness, the utter darkness, and broke away their chains.” The beginning of the gospel of John states that the light has come into the darkness, the eternal light of Jesus the Christ, to break away the chains, to break the bondage of sin, and to set the prisoners free. We see the thread of the Good News beginning to break forth, even here in Psalm 107.


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