Psalm 108 ~ Psalm Study

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“For great is your love, higher than the heavens.” ~ Psalm 108

Read Psalm 108 here.

When reading Scripture we often read words and phrases that are used throughout the biblical witness. Psalm 108 does just that in combining previous psalms in a new way. Here we have part of psalm 57 and psalm 60 brought together to form a third voice to call upon the living God.

Psalm 108, written in a post exilic period, brings together praise to God with on-going petitions to God. We are reminded that we are never beyond the need for God’s help or the need for deliverance from our troubles or enemies or…….(insert your troubles here.)

It is interesting that we hear the psalmist both praising God and calling upon God for help! Do we do the same thing? Do we at least thank God for being present with us in difficult circumstances? Or, are we always too busy worrying about our own problems and our need of deliverance from our enemies that we don’t even bother to thank God for God’s steadfast, unfailing love?

How can we worship God even when we are hoping that God will rescue us? We are reminded time and time again, that God is able, willing, and desirous of offering us mercy and grace.

Here is one worship song that reminds us of God’s unfailing love.


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