Psalm 110 ~ Psalm Study

Alaska 2011 453

“He will drink from a brook along the way,and so he will lift his head high.” Psalm 110

Read Psalm 110 here.

Most scholars believe Psalm 110 was a royal psalm, it was written for royalty to be used for special occasions. There is a difference of opinion of what that occasion may have been. If you believe this was written prior to the Hebrew people being in exile in Babylon, then it was probably used for the coronation of the Judean kings.Perhaps this psalm was even sung or recited prior to going into battle.

We hear about the priest Melchizedek here for the second time in the Old Testament. The first time we learn of this figure is in Genesis 14 where Abraham has a meal with him and ultimately offers him a tithe. Later in the New Testament we hear about Melchizedek in the book of Hebrews.

Those who believe it was written post exile would suggest this psalm was used to show hopes for a messiah who was to come. Messiah was the one to come to rescue the people. Messiah was the one who would come to lead the people and rule them. Messiah was the one to come to crush all the enemies. Christians understand that Messiah, that savior, that redeemer is Jesus the Christ.

While this psalm stands alone on its own right in the early Hebrew tradition, as Christians, we often see this psalm in relation to Jesus.We understand that Jesus is the one sitting at the right hand of God, that Jesus is the one who subdues rulers and Jesus is the ultimate One who renders judgment not only on kings, but on all peoples of all nations of the world. God is sovereign in the universe, and God chose to send His only Son, Jesus who was the One who “Drank from the brook beside the way”, and who was ultimately lifted up on high.


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