Psalm 111 ~ Psalm Study


Praise God for his constant flowing love.

Read Psalm 111 here.

One of the reasons the psalms are so powerful is that they represent the common everyday person’s experiences in daily life. So we see joy, we see anger, we see thanksgiving and we see laments.

This is a psalm of praise and goes hand in hand with the next psalm, psalm 112. They are each acrostic psalms, that is each Hebrew poetic line begins with the next letter of the Hebrew alphabet. That poetry is lost in the English translation.

Never the less, we have an invitation to praise God: We praise God for God’s mighty works; we praise God for graciousness and compassion; we praise God for the works of his hands are faithful, we praise God for his steadfast love.

So what have you praised God for this day? What would your acrostic poem of praise to God our Creator look like? Maybe this is the day to write your own psalm of praise. Try it, write down the first letter of the alphabet under each other, and go ahead and praise the Lord!

I praise God for…..

A- Always being with me.

B-  Belonging.

C- Children that God has blessed me with…….

What does your acrostic praise to God look like? You are welcome to post it in the comments, or just post one of the things for which you praise God.


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