Psalm 112 ~ Psalm Study

John Wesley preaching in the fields.

Read Psalm 112 here in The Message translation, which is in contemporary language.
Psalm 111 and 112 go hand in hand in that they begin with the same words of praise and are both acrostic Hebrew poems. (Remember that Hebrew is read from right to left.)
The palmist is praising God and giving us a high standard to live up to. We should be growing in the likeness of God. We are not trying to say that we are gods, but we are to grow in the characteristics that are of God. God is gracious and compassionate. God is generous. God conducts affairs with justice. We are to do the same. The psalmist gives praise to God who is all these things.
The biblical witness reminds us that humans were created in the image of God, but that image was destroyed, defaced, became warped at the time of human disobedience in the Garden of Eden. John Wesley tells us that the one thing needful is to regain that image of God in our lives in which we were all created.
That having been said, we too should grow in the likeness of exhibiting the characteristics that we see in God and we are to trust in God’s provision for our lives. How’s that going for us?


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