Psalm 113 ~ Psalm Study


Read Psalm 113 here in the message version. (To change this to NIV just click the drop down box on version.)

What a great psalm! This is a testimony to who God is and to the very character of God. From the rising sun to the place where it sets, let the name of the Lord be praised! Have you ever watched the sun rise? Sitting on the beach this summer watching the sun rise reminded me, once again that God, is the one who set the world in motion, but is also the one who continues to allow the rhythm of creation to work on a daily basis. Watching the sunrise was a reverent event. There was a hush over the beach as the sun once again rose to take its position in the sky. It was a daily reminder of the power of our God, who “causes the sun to rise on the just and the unjust on a daily basis.”

Verse 9 reminds us that God not only makes the created rhythms of the world, but also cares about the individuals–about all the people, even the woman who is barren. Remember that the psalm writer lived in a time when the purpose of women was to bear children, and they were to bear sons. The barren woman was a disgrace to her family and to her husband. The writer is reminding us that the God of all creation is also active in our personal lives. God is not the one who shames us, but rather God is the one who extends grace. So much so that God cares about the woman who has been shamed and lost her {cultural} honor. God cares about all who have been shamed. Do not hide behind  shame, but rather remember that God calls you beloved. That same God cares about you and me and calls us children. Let the name of the Lord be praised!


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