Psalm 114 ~ Psalm Study

Copy of holy land 2012 070

Pictured above, the Jordan River.

Read Psalm 114 here.

Psalm 114 is short and sweet. It retells some of the miracles in the salvation history of the Israelite’s, namely when they left Egypt, were delivered from slavery, and were given a new land–the great Exodus. This psalm reminds us all of the miracles that happened in order for God’s deliverance to occur;  the sea was held back when Moses brought the people through the Red Sea, and God turned the rock into a pool and brought forth springs of water from that hard rock.

This psalm along with Psalms 113-118 were used at the major festivals, to include passover, which is one reason we see so many illustrations of the great Exodus. Do we tremble at the presence of the Lord: Tremble in awe and wonder, tremble at the magnitude of God’s creation and deliverance?

What miracles of deliverance can you speak of in your own life, knowing that God is taking care of you even though it seems like the journey is very difficult? This psalm recounts supernatural occurrences that allowed the people to be set free from slavery and led into the promised land. What event can you point to where God’s providential hand was on your life? Keep looking, perhaps there are more than you think.


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