Psalm 116 ~ Psalm Study


Read Psalm 116 here.

The writer of this psalm is giving thanks and gratitude  for God’s deliverance .  Can you hear the depth of the one who was entangled in the “cords of death”? Maybe you have been there? Maybe you have been the one who has been rescued, where your very soul was delivered by the mighty arm of God.

Due to the deliverance experienced, the writer just wants to give thanks to God and, in gratitude,  wants to lift the “cup of salvation” which was probably a form of sacrificial offering.

This psalm was originally used as part of the Hallel collection, which was the collection of psalms used to celebrate the Passover meal. With the theme of deliverance we can understand why this psalm would be so important in remembering when God had passed over the Israelites as Moses led the way out of Egyptian enslavement.

The theme of deliverance also brings out the reason Christians see this psalm as a powerful reminder of the deliverance offered by Jesus the Christ on the Cross. Christians understand that Jesus  literally delivered all people from the cords of death and rescued our souls. This psalm is often read on Holy Thursday, when we remember that Jesus transformed the Passover meal into something new. Jesus raised the cup and offered the cup of salvation-the new covenant, poured out by his blood, which is offered for all who believe. We can almost hear the words of Jesus reverberating in our very souls, “This do in remembrance of me!

So how about you? Due to God’s grace and mercy, what snares has God delivered you from and how will you offer back your thanks and gratitude?

Think about that question as you watch this video, with pictures entitled, “The Glory of It All” by David Crowder.


One thought on “Psalm 116 ~ Psalm Study

  1. a question: can we see the Holy Spirit? I know we see the works of the Holy Spirit, but can we see the Holy Spirit?

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