Psalm 118 ~ Psalm study


Read Psalm 118 here.

Psalm 118 is the last of the Hallel collection, the psalms that are used during the Passover Feast. We see the continued themes of thanksgiving for deliverance.  We see the continued theme of God’s chesed (steadfast love) which endures forever.

What makes this psalm unique is the way it moves back from the first person to the plural; we see a shift from “I” to “us”. This psalm is partly the  prayer of one person and partly communal. For this reason there are some scholars who think the one who wrote the psalm might have been the king.

It is also interesting that this psalm moves from giving thanks to God for deliverance, and then calls upon God for deliverance from the current situation. (Lord, save us.)

It is easy for Christians to see how this psalm can easily apply to Messiah. There are some who identify the speaker as Jesus.  In the Gospels, we see the crowds greeting Jesus as described in this psalm on Palm Sunday, right as Jesus entered Jerusalem.  Christians see the “Stone the builder rejected that has become the capstone” as Jesus.  We see these same words used in the synoptic gospels, in the book of Acts and in 1 Peter, all brought forward from this psalm.

So how about you? Which verse speaks to your soul from this psalm?


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