Psalm 121 ~ Psalm Study

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Read Psalm 121 Here

Psalm 121 is a Psalm that reminds us and assures us of God’s protection. It is part of the psalms of ascent, and was probably sung by the assembly while they were on pilgrimage going “up to Jerusalem.” This is a psalm filled with hope, and one that can produce hope in the mist of struggle. If we look at the question in verse one: “I lift up my eyes to the hills – from where does my help come from?” we may begin to think and remember times when we have asked that same question.

When we look at the overwhelming issues that surround the world today, and when we look at our own lives that are often accompanied with brokenness and pain, we, too, might be asking, “From where does my help come from?” There are moments in our lives where we all ask this question.

The pilgrims going “up to Jerusalem” were looking beyond the hills, where they knew the temple to be. The temple was considered the “residence of God.” After all, the Ark of the Covenant was housed in the temple. It was the most holy place, and considered the place where one could connect with God.

We understand that God is present in all places. The fancy terminology we use for this is omnipresent. It is the understanding that God is with us, wherever we are, in all places. We understand that we can connect with God in all places, not only at a “holy place.” We understand that God is with us, wherever we are.

We see that whether we are overflowing with joy in life or struggling to make it another day God is the one who is present with us and who provides our help. Our hope is in God. God as the creator is bigger than any issue or circumstance that we face. God is the creator of all and is loving enough to be our help and ever present strength in the good and tough times.

In verse six we read, “The sun shall not strike you by day, nor the moon by night.” Some scholars say this phrase, including both the sun and the moon, indicates that God’s care is day and night, it is continual! God’s love is not conditional or seasonal but it is all the time to all people.

God is with us, God cares for us, and God is active and alive in the world. This psalm is a beautiful prayer proclaiming that we believe God is concerned with God’s own creation, and it proclaims that God is our keeper and our ever present help.


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