Psalm 123 ~ Psalm Study


Read Psalm 123 here

This psalm is a community prayer for help. It begins with a reminder that God is truly God. God is “enthroned in the heavens” and we should be lifting our eyes in wonder at the very presence of who God is. We focus our eyes on God looking for God’s own mercy knowing that God hears and cares.

This could have been a prayer uttered by a leader on behalf of the community and calls for an attitude and heart of dependence on God. In verse four we see a prayer of a struggling people with heavy hearts, but continuing to believe that God is rich in mercy and grace.

This is not a long psalm and that is ok. Sometimes we long to cry out to God but don’t always know what to say and that is ok. too. Sometimes we cannot utter many words but we long for God’s mercy and grace. May this psalm remind us that God is enthroned in the Heavens, God is powerful, God is creator, and that same God is loving and extends mercy and grace to us as we cry out in despair. Our words do not have to be many, but may our hearts but ever dependent upon God and ever seeking to join our own heart with God’s heart.


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