Psalm 124 ~ Psalm Study

HolySpiritFire[1] (2)

Read Psalm 124 Here:

Today’s Psalm is a psalm of thanksgiving. This is a song of thanksgiving by the community as they remember and proclaim God’s deliverance of the people from their enemies.

We have so much to be thankful for this day and everyday. What are we thankful for today? Perhaps today you can think and be grateful and praise God for the way that God has blessed you. What is God doing in our lives that gives us joy in our hearts that we are thankful for? Who are the people that God has brought into our lives for whom we are thankful?

Here is a song that speaks to me by the David Crowder Band that invites us to come and listen to what God has done in our lives and in the world. Take a few moments to listen to it and thank God for the many wonderful moments, people, and joys in life for which God has blessed us. Let us be thankful! Amen.

Listen: Come and Listen by David Crowder Band


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