Psalm 127 ~ Psalm Study


Read Psalm 127 here

I love the beginning of this psalm. It speaks some amazing truth to our work as the church. So many times it’s easy to get caught up in trying to do ministry and seeking to reach out all on our own efforts. Even though we may give our best efforts and our best intentions, we can forget that we are meant to partner with God in the carrying out of our ministry. This psalm reminds us that we are to partner with God in the work of ministry. God must be involved if our work is to see fruits. For if God is not involved, working in, and leading our efforts then we are working in vain.

I love this picture posted above. We can look at the map two ways: a map of the world reminding us that the world is our parish and that there are many in the world in need; or we can view it as map of our own journey. We are traveling on this road and seeking to connect our stories to God. Perhaps we should look at the picture in both ways, or maybe one way speaks to us more than another. Either way it is a reminder that our work and our story must be shadowed by the Christ and by God’s grace. The cross reminds us that we are to die to self and let Christ live through us so that our work is not in vain and allow God to be leading our work.


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