Psalm 129 ~ Psalm Study

Read Psalm 129 here

A first read of this psalm can leave one a bit confused and scratching their head. It seems to be a psalm that doesn’t make much sense to us and so we can easily think to just skip over this one.

Yet, there is some power and beauty in this psalm hidden in its context. This is a community song of thanksgiving and/or trust. The communal people are recounting their long history of being oppressed and how God has freed them from their evil oppressors.

What does this mean for us today? That can a difficult question, perhaps this is another reminder that God has a heart for the oppressed. God sees, God hears, and God knows the cry of the oppressed. (Exodus 3) God is in the process of bringing liberation and freedom to those who are being oppressed by poverty, human trafficking, racism, classism, sexism or any other form of societal evil. America is currently in the midst of a break down between races that, at the heart, needs fresh eyes and willing hearts to work together. Pay particular attention to verse 8: What can we DO to help those who are feeling the pain of being oppressed? We are reminded that God uses us to be the instruments to bring freedom and justice in this world. May we celebrate the ways in which God is bringing freedom and may we find ways of how we can join in God’s work of liberation so that all will be able to offer a psalm of thanksgiving for God’s deliverance.

Here is a great song by Tim Hughes that reminds us that God is a God of justice.


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