Psalm 130 ~ Psalm Study

Read Psalm 130 here


In today’s psalm we begin to see a different shift in the psalmist’s prayers. We see deep emotion and a deep cry for God’s mercy and listening ear. These types of psalms, called psalms of lament, are some of my favorites because they give us permission to be real with God.

We are able to come to God with our questions, fears, angers, and deep heart-felt emotions. Even in the midst of the psalmist’s crying out, there is still a rooted belief that God is good, God is loving, and that God has the power to redeem!  It’s an acknowledging that even in uncertain times, we can believe that God is at work and that God listens to us and meets us with forgiveness and strength. God is faithful!

Today be real in your prayers between you and God. If you are grateful and joyfilled then praise God in that. If you are sorrowful, hurting, or struggling express that to God from your heart. The psalms give us permission to come to God in the fullness of where we are in life: in joy and in pain, in assurance and in questioning. God is a big God and can handle our deep emotions. If the psalmist can be real with God, then what is stopping us from being real as well?


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