Psalm 131 ~ Psalm Study

Read Psalm 131 here


This is a short but powerful and beautiful psalm. There is a sense of a somber and deeply reflective heart. It is a prayer of humility and trust in God. The psalmist has “Calmed and quieted his/her soul” and simply comes to God with perhaps a heavy heart and, one that desires to rest and trust in God.

Have you ever had those moments? Maybe you have had those times when life is hard to describe but you know that your heart is carrying much, and you desire to simply come and be with God? Not many words are said here, but the psalmist is quieting and stilling his/her soul to simply be in the presence of God.

Don’t miss the words, “I am content.” What does it take to be content? Sometimes we are so busy in the midst of our own troubles or in the pursuit of “happiness” that we can miss the quiet, calm contentment that God brings into our lives.

At the end is a plea for the community to have hope in God. I love that. We live in a world that is in desperate need of hope. Many times in our own lives we can feel  a sense of hopelessness. Yet, the psalmist becomes still and reverent in the presence of God and invites us into a hope “From this time and forevermore” that can only come from God. May we still our selves before God and believe in this amazing hope offered by putting our trust in God.


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