Advent Devotioanl ~ Dec. 6 by Elaine Canonico

Come To the Manger

Luke 1: 68-79

Many prophets of old foretold that God would raise up a mighty Savior, that He would

remember His covenant with Abraham and send us a Savior…

He did…He sent himself.

Each year, we remember anew the gift that came to us wrapped in swaddling clothes

lying in a manger—and the world is bathed in the light of God’s love once again.

Sinful humanity—our sinful ways block us from God’s presence. John will call us to

repent and will tell of the coming Savior.

Salvation is coming. John is preparing the way for the coming of Christ. He foretold of

the one who would walk the path that led to a cross.

In the name of Christ, we have been saved. We have been given the gift of a right

relationship with our God—God has bridged the gap on the outstretched arms

of a cross.

Advent: A time for us to anticipate anew the fulfillment of God’s promise.

He is coming, He is coming…He is here. Halleluiah, God is here. In His presence,

we find salvation and in salvation, we find His PEACE—the Peace Christ

offers to each one of us.


What can I bring to the manger this year?

How can I thank God for what He has done?

I can give Jesus my heart.

Advent Prayer: In this season of Advent, I pray that your heart feels the excitement of waiting, overflows with the joy of anticipation, and is filled anew with the assurance that God surrounds you with His everlasting love…forever. Amen




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