Advent Devotional, Dec. 11 by Mike & Belinda McKee

What gift can I bring to the manger?

2 Corinthians 9: 7- 11

As we celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus, we have the opportunity to dedicate and re-dedicate our lives to glorify His name in all we do. How should we do this? We should focus on the blessings we have and not focus on what we do not have.

We are all given different gifts and we are called upon, through our faith, to use those gifts with humility and grace to glorify Christ.

As we contemplate the meaning of this Advent season, let’s ask ourselves these important questions:

  1. What are my gifts I have been given by Christ?
  2. How can I use my gift(s) to be a blessing to my church community and others outside my faith community?
  3. How do I feel when I use my gifts to help others? Do I gratefully accept and acknowledge Christ’s blessing?

These are a few questions we can ask ourselves and reflect upon as we continue to grow in our personal faith journey.

Prayer: Christ Jesus, thank you for blessing me with abundant gifts. Lead me and guide me in ways I might use these gifts to help others in their journey. I am grateful for the way you are shining your face upon me in my daily walk with you. In Christ’s name, Amen.



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