Advent Devotional Dec. 15 by Belinda and Mike McKee

Sharing the JoyActs 28: 23

During the Advent season as we celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus we also reflect on this being a time of renewal in our personal relationship with Jesus. We understand Jesus desires a personal relationship with each of us. Daily prayer is one way we seek to have this ongoing relationship. In these prayers, we share our joys and concerns with Jesus. Another important aspect of growing our relationship with Jesus is our actions – not only during this season of Advent but throughout the year.

Receiving the gift of Christ’s birth is a blessing and joy to each of us. We are called to share this blessing and joy with others. Do we keep our focus on sharing the joy of the good news of Jesus Christ being born and sent by God to be our Messiah? Or do we succumb to the worldly ideas of the season?

During this season of Advent when the world seems to be more focused on shopping and busyness – we are called to remain a faithful people. When we put Christ first he will bless us with peace in an otherwise chaotic world.

Prayer: Christ Jesus, open my ears and my heart so I may better understand my need for a closer relationship with you. Amen.



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