Advent Devotional, Dec. 16, by Sherie Koob

Isaiah 12:2-6

Back in the “dim, dark ages” when I was in Girl Scouts, we often went to a camp that had fresh running water – just not out of a faucet. Our water came from an artesian well. It constantly bubbled up out of the top of the pipe. It was a two person job to get water into our canteens, buckets and other containers. One person had to place their hand over the top of the pipe, forcing the water to run out of the spout where another person would be able to fill the various containers. Needless to say, going to the well was a favorite past time. We marveled at how the water would continually flow; how it tasted better than any other water we had ever encountered; how fun it was to play in; how it was always cool; and how having to carry water from the well to our camp site, for bathing, washing dishes, cooking, cleaning and other uses made us appreciate our conveniently placed water faucets at home.

I was reminded of that well when reading today’s scripture. Jesus is that constant bubbling water running up out of the top of the pipe; even if one person tries to stop his message it is still heard by another; he teaches us many lessons, and rarely loses his cool; he is a joy to be around…I am also reminded that as we prepare for the joy of the birth of Jesus, we are as thankful as the people of Zion who pledged to tell the nations of God’s great glories.

Prayer: Gracious and Loving Lord, keep us ever mindful of the joy and blessings you give us each day. Let us remember that your abundant love and joy overflows continuously, just as the water did at that artesian well. Let us not become complacent, Lord. Let us rejoice every time we see your great works and share your greatest blessing, your son, Jesus, with all whom we meet. In your name we pray. Amen


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