Advent Devotional, Dec. 17 by Susan Swann

Jeremiah 31:31-3

MAJOR PRESS RELEASE: God announces New Covenant!

It’s a revolutionary new plan based on Jesus. It is not written on stone tablets but on our hearts and now we can know God personally!

Can you imagine hearing this news back in the ancient days of the Old Testament? It must have seemed so radical at the time. Jeremiah prophesied that a wonderful future was coming for God’s people by the New Covenant that would be fulfilled through the work of a Messiah. This announcement marks a pivotal point in the history of God and his relation to his people. It’s when the people first heard they could have an intimate and personal relationship with God. They would no longer need teachers, or high holy men in order for people to “know the Lord”. He said, “I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts. I will be their God; they will be my people…and they will ALL know me from the least of them to the greatest”.

So today, our “New Covenant” generation has total access to God. How awesome is that? All we have to do is set our hearts and minds on him and He hears us. As the season of advent arrives each year, we celebrate with abundant joy as we know this great prophesy of old was indeed fulfilled through the birth of a baby named Jesus. Today we can walk in great confidence, knowing that our Lord rests in our hearts. We can pick up our very own Bibles, at anytime or any place and learn of the history of God’s people, and of Jesus and of His great works. But most importantly, we can talk to Him daily, anytime or anywhere. He declared there would be a new covenant all those years ago. And we have seen that God keeps His promises.

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for loving us so much that you wanted a personal relationship with each one of us. Thank you for your gift of Jesus and the Holy Spirit through which you have made it possible to dwell within us. We ask for your help and encouragement this advent season as we strive to get to know you more.  Amen.


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