Spiritual renewal continued 

Planes to new destinations! Renewal with very few responsibilities! It seems like a dream come true. It has been a very long time since I did not have a gazillion daily responsibilities. Moving into a moment by moment thought pattern is hard for me. I am always thinking of the next things that have to be done-yes, I am a classic “J” on the Meyers-Briggs scale. As I attempt to move into a new pattern of journeying in life during this next month, I am trying to discern what that pattern might look like in order to be intentional in spiritual renewal. Part of that new pattern might be giving thanks for every little detail of blessing during the next month. Giving thanks is already a part of my routine, but usually I am too busy running to be thankful in the smaller details. This day I am thankful for details, big and small; for space to “be,” for The MUMC family and Pastor Beth who have allowed space for the journey. I am thankful for good food on airplanes (Air France rocks), for the little sleep that I got on the flight, (as opposed to being miserable for not much sleep), for exciting destinations and friends who live there who have travelled this journey of life with me for over 35 years. I am grateful for different cultures that allow us to see the world through fresh eyes. In addition I am filled with gratitude to all the folks who are praying with me on this journey, family and friends, and grateful for the empty tomb that reminds us that we can all be transformed in less than 30 days. All things are possible with Jesus! How do you practice gratitude? Are there patterns that you would like to change in your next 30 days?


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