Spiritual Renewal~Just Fun(and a little bit of Joan of Arc)

Every pastor needs some fun in their lives. Pastors are not very good at that. We all need times when we can put aside daily life and just “be” in the moment for relaxation and just plain fun. This weekend was “That” for me.

In the picture you will see Lancelot trying to extract the Excalibur sword from the stone. Lancelot is my young friend Amaury Pouteau who first came to visit me when he was two, and later attended Camp Manidokan when he was 12. He is the oldest son of one of my twin girlfriends, this is his second year working at the French Theme park at Puy Du Fou.

Puy Du Fou is a three hour drive south of Paris. The best way to describe it is vingnettes of historical times from European culture. It is very unique in the world.  These vignettes are all in big stadium seating kinds of arenas, with live actors, chariots, sword fights, Vikings, Roman legionnaires, and lions and tigers. The entire weekend was very impressive, but best of all was seeing this young man whom I have watched grow up, doing something he loves to do!

As an added bonus the castle on the premis, as of last year, has the actual ring from Joan of Arc, and they tell some of her story. (It was carbon dated to verify the authenticity.)

The weekend was filled with fun, and at times we were Roman citizens and Vikings. What do you do to just have some nice clean fun, and learn a little bit too? When is the last time you enjoyed that activity?


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