Spiritual Renewal ~ Taize ~Icons and other visuals. 

Here is a little one minute video that I put together about my time at Taize. I will add a few more pictures below. I particularly wanted to give a very brief description of icons. 

Taize has done a wonderful job of bringing together all Christian traditions. Some of those ancient traditions were one of several causes for the church to first be divided. Icons fall into that category. 

The Eastern (Orthodox) church uses icons, or paintings that follow very stringent rules in order to enable people to visualize scenes from the biblical witness and portraits of saints. The western church (Roman Catholic) was against the use of these paintings saying that the pictures themselves were becoming an erroneous source of worship. The great split of the church, the first of many, was really over the wording of the Creed, but icons also played a role in this split. 

Worship at Taize has brought back icons as an enhancement to our worship of Jesus Christ. Taize uses icons, stained glass windows, candles and light to stimulate our sense of the visual. In addition, around their small lake they have a series of wooden carved “prayer stations” depicting the life of Jesus. 

Below are a few visuals used at Taize. What visuals do you use to stimulate your thoughts towards Jesus, the Savior of the world?


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