Camino de Santiago ~ May 11, 2017

Location, Zubiri, Spain. Shortly walking five more k to get to Larrasoana. As promised, this link will take you to a one minute movie made with pictures from going over the Pyrenees Mountains. 

While a few were concerned about me walking this route alone, know that the Camino is so popular that you are rarely alone. This morning was the first time that I was able to walk 10 k by myself, and it was a great experience. 

I will tell how the lodging works tomorrow, today allow me to share about the other wonderful pilgrims. I happened to read about a wonderful place to stay for the first night in St Jean Pied de Port. (Beilari -click for link where you can make reservations. )

The owner, a basque native, and his wife made us all feel like family. His wife is American, she cooked an outstanding meal, and they made us feel like we knew each other. So the next day as we each began our “Camino,” each of us already knew the names of 25 people. 

People literally come from all over the world. Nathalie was ending her Camino, she had walked out her front door in Geneva and had already walked over 1,000 kilometers! There were Americans, and French and Spanish and a German, an Italian , one guy from Brazil, a woman from Australia, etc! 

So, as you begin your walk you already know some of the over 300 people who are also beginning their Camino. As you walk you greet one another with the words “buen Camino.” That in itself can begin a conversation. You might walk together for awhile, or you may choose to not do so.  As we walked I chatted with Koreans, a priest From Wisconsin, a Deacon from Texas, and a woman from Croatia, to name but a few. In short, during the 27 kilometers over the mountains I was rarely by myself. You test out a language and see if you can communicate! 

The community that is formed by the act of walking is beautiful, then you continue seeing folks along the way. Some walk faster, some, like me, a little more slowly. Some might go less kilometers in a day and some might go more. This becomes your Camino, and it becomes a metaphor for your life. 

Below are some pictures from my 15 kilometer hike from today. We are still in the hill region of the Pyrenees Mountains, the Spanish side is full of pine trees and streams. 


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