Camino de Santiago ~ May 13, 2017

Today was once again a shorter hike of 10 k from Pamplona to Zariquiegui. Tomorrow we go over the mountains past the windmills. I left town today with Bill from Connecticut, who just retired from teaching middle school. This is his second Camino. He said his first Camino “restored his faith in human kind.”
The shorter hike today is my effort to pay attention to my body. One always has to pay attention as folks frequently get serious aches and pains from this much physical activity, and most are not prepared. While I tried to train, it is never enough. I feel good, and want to keep it that way. 
The most common problem is blisters. It is a serious problem when you are walking so much. Shoes and socks have to fit well. In the morning I put Vaseline on my feet to prevent “hot spots,” which are blisters trying to form. To prevent the blisters from forming, one can apply duct tape or compede, which acts as a second skin. 
Routine is to arrive at your albergue, get your bed, take a shower, wash by hand your clothes, find your dinner, and go to bed. 
Tonight my roommates are from Germany, Korea, Australia, America, and France. I saw a little girl of five hiking with her dad and grandmother. They were looking for a place to stay and I told them there was space here. (The owner of this place is pleased with my marketing.)
The pilgrim dinner tonight costs 11€. (12 usd) It will be a delightful three course meal. For each course there are two choices from the menu. Conversation will be rich, and then bed. Tomorrow it is over the mountains!


One thought on “Camino de Santiago ~ May 13, 2017

  1. Roomie,
    I almost feel like I am walking the beloved Camino with you! Your pictures are stellar- absolutely breathtaking. So much scenery to take in. So much to contemplate. My problem would be that I would never want to leave each of these sites.
    Thrilled you are doing this.
    You Go Girl.

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