Camino de Santiago ~ May 15, 2017 ~ Puente la Reina to Estella~scenery too

The Camino is the only place I know, other than youth hostels, where you share a room with people you do not know, hope there will not be too much snoring, wake up at 6, and start walking by 7. Last night there were 9 people in my room, one other female, but we were all so tired that we slept well. 

Today’s hike was 20 k through changing scenery. While we still have the wheat fields, now we begin to see grape vines and scrub bushes. We walked through little villages, past 12 century churches, over an old Roman road, and arrived at Estella. 

Walking through a country really does give opportunity to get to know it well. Conversations along the way are rich, with people from all over the world. I was also able to find about an hour of alone time while walking. This is the thing that has surprised me most, that it is difficult to find time alone. 

Today was the first real hot day, I must have been a sorry site when I arrived at the albergue which is housed in a monestary and is WONDERFUL! Plus, they provided sheets and the room only has three others in it. All this for 11  € !

Some of the scenery is below, starting with the Roman road which is part of the Camino. (And it was difficult to walk on, especially on the hills.)


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