Camino de Santiago ~ May 16, 2017, from Estella to Los Arcos, with pictures

At this time I have walked about 120 kilometers through Northern Spain. What a great way to see a country and meet the people!

So, this is the wine fountain, for real, it is found along today’s Camino route. Many pilgrims paused from their walk to enjoy the fountain. Water is on the right, wine is on the left. 

My day began late today as I had to make the stop that many pilgrims make; to the post office! It was time to mail some things home. I had been so careful in packing, thinking I had done well. One can always do better. That cool sun charger to hang on the backpack, don’t need it; that extra long sleeve shirt, gone! Since the post office opens at 8:30 it means I got a late start. Most pilgrims were well on their way, but there are always some whom you meet. There was an Italian couple who got to the post office after I did, they had more to send home than I had. 

Today’s 20 k walk was hot! There were hills, a few villages, but then there was a 12 k stretch that was extra hot. I ran into my friend John from nj at the wine fountain. He and I had been walking some together. He slowed down, then I walked ahead and saw the French woman who had brought her 4 year old granddaughter for 27 k over three days. (Maybe I will think of that for the future.) I stayed with Claudine most of the long 12 k hot part of the day. During that stretch there was a German pilgrim who sang to me, and a violinist who played for me. Three k from the end there was an oasis where a guy was selling cold items, which was delightful. The terrain has changed, we now see vineyards all around. I felt like a grape as there was “juice” running down my face all afternoon:)


2 thoughts on “Camino de Santiago ~ May 16, 2017, from Estella to Los Arcos, with pictures

  1. the wine fountain……
    Love the idea of hiking with the grandchildren!
    The scenery…. just keeps getting more and more beautiful.
    And you have hiked an impressive amount!

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