Camino de Santiago ~ May 17, 2017 

(The pictures won’t load today) Today’s 15 k walk with ok me from Los Arcos to Viana. I have now walked 150 k through northern Spain. When one doesn’t have enough time to walk all 80 kilometers, one must decide next st ps. It is decision time for me. Do I stay here and keep walking in hopes of coming back, or do I just mp forward finding some bus or train to help me out? Tomorrow I will decide. Most Europeans are purists. They walk until they must stop, then they come back and pick up where they left off. That will be more difficult for me. 

So I have not spoken of spirituality along the Camino. One of the questions I ask fellow pilgrims is, “Why are you here?” Most of them are seeking, but they do not know what they are seeking. Maybe only 1/4 of them are Practicing Christians, if that many. This has been a great surprise to me. Most of them want to see the inside of the churches, but more for historical reasons. 

Today I met Mark fro Colorado. Sadly, his  son died of a heroin overdose five weeks ago. He is here doing the same thing that the father did in the movie “The Way.” Others are walking because they can, because it is here, because they have the time. I have met many “Camino junkies,” those who say it gets under your skin and you have to keep coming back. There have been several from western Canada and Washington state who keep coming back. Yesterday I met a woman from Washington state who is 91 years old and walking. She is sometimes taking a taxi to help, but that woman puts me to shame. (My Momma, watch out, maybe I will bring you next time.) 

Today I walked most of the day with two German women whom I have befriended. (My German is improving.). As we walked down the road they began singing, “Singing In The Rain,” and no, it was not raining. 


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