Camino de Santiago ~ May 28, 2017, video of the sounds of the Camino and my favorite question. 

I came to walk the Camino for several reasons. The Camino was calling me to “be” instead of constantly “doing,” and it was calling me to listen. Most days I woke up not knowing where I was going, where I would eat, or where I would sleep. That was a very different rhythm of life for me. It was exciting, it was adventurous, most of all, it was trusting God for my daily needs. 

I also came to listen. I listened to stories from the mouths of people who literally came from all over the world. We humans really are so alike. I also listened to the sounds of the Camino itself: I listened to the birds, and the wind, and  the church bells that were calling. Click here to listen to a four minute video of the sounds of the Camino. (The scenery is pretty nice too!)

Previously, I spoke of the question that I likeed to ask, “Why are you here?” Another fun question I posed was, “What luxury item are you carrying in your backpack?” After all, each item weighs something, those items get pretty heavy by the end of the day! My own luxury item is a blow up camping pillow, very lite weight, because I like to have two pillows when I sleep. (One is provided by the hostel.)

Some of my favorite answers to that question are as follows: John from New Jersey; a collapsible, plastic wine glass which was used at the wine fountain, amongst other occasions. Swiss woman,; small bottle of shampoo- backpackers recommend taking one  bar of “camping soap” that can wash clothes, body and hair. (Ok, truth, I also had a small shampoo.) Another woman from Maryland had a puff ball scrub wash thingy. (After experiencing all the dirt on the trail that seamed like a great idea.) A young man from Germany confessed his luxury items were a third pair of socks and underwear. (Now I am in trouble, because I also had a third pair of each.) When it rains it takes too long to dry the first pair of socks. Socks are one of your most important items. I am proud to say that I did NOT get blisters thanks to great socks and good shoes from the trail house in Frederick. (I give them a little shout out here as they outfitted me well with the big items, lite weight hiking shoes, pack and great hiking poles.) Another favorite answer was a German/Canadian who said, “I do not have a luxury item.” His wife immediately piped up and asked, “What about that heavy book you have.” He responded, “That is not luxury, I must have my book.” One person’s  luxury is another person’s requirement. Finally, my favorite answer was a man from Holland who literally walked out of his front door and was taking many months to reach Santiago. He left home with some shoe polish and a little brush for his boots, which he confessed that he threw in the trash can three days into his journey.

While Santiago is the usual destination, many continue on a few days more to get to Finisterre , which apparently is a beautiful coastal community and considered literally the end of the earth. Some pilgrims arrive at the beach, burn their clothes, and jump naked into the water. I cannot testify to that reality as I did not get to “the ends of the earth.”

I can testify to my experience, which, as mentioned earlier, I will be preaching about lessons learned beginning June 11. Finally, this is a huge thank you to the folks at Middletown United Methodist Church who allowed me this time of  learning and “being” on sabbatical, with an extra special thanks to Pastor Beth who did a great job of preaching and covering all pastoral duties during my absence. 

 I am considering making one longer video of the entire trip. If that actually gets accomplished I will post it on this blog. Meanwhile, this blog will continue to be used for helping us all grow in discipleship. Thanks again for joining me on this adventure!

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