Camino de Santiago ~May 9, 2017

Saint Jean Pied de Port is a beautiful mountain village tucked away at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains. The village walls are historic.  This was the way of Charlemagnes, Napolean and many pilgrims for over a thousand years ago. 

If you ever come here, one of the best places to stay is Belleria. Our hosts Joseph and Elizabeth have made us into family overnight. We gathered as strangers who had booked rooms, we leave this morning, because of their great welcome, meal and hospitality, as friends. 

I will tell more of that adventure later, but for today I just walked over the Pyrenees Mountains! 27 Kilometers over the mountains! Many thanks to those who helped train me on the AT: Teresa, Tammy, Barb, and Leesa to name a few.  For now I am tired, but it was a beautiful, and tiring journey. The journey was 9 hours and more than 1,400 meters high. Pictures to come when I get better internet.