Private Worship! DO NOT ENTER!


What message are we giving to those who pass by our parking lots? Often times we say that we are a warm and friendly congregation, but our actions, words and SIGNS tell a different story.  Here are three things you can do today that will empower you to tell a different story about who you are.

1) Take a good look around the outside of your church. This applies to big and small churches. What signs are posted? No parking? Pastor only? (Yes, pastors, this is about you too. Your reserved spot can be far from the church or get there early enough to get a good parking spot.) No skateboards? What would it look like to have a different kind of sign? What about, “Reserved for visitors.” What about a sign that said, “For Moms with babies?” What would it look like to talk to the kids who are skateboarding on your property and try to find them a place where they can hang? What are your signs telling the world? We might say we are warm and friendly, but often our signs tell a different story. They tell the world that we do not want you here. Our worship is private. Do not even try to come inside.

2) Another good question to explore is, “What signs do you need?” Are there signs that show how to get into the church? Are there signs that show where to find nursery, Bible studies, bathrooms? How are you showing your visitors what to do and where to go?

3) Harvey Carey teaches on leadership. In this video he describes how the outside world views churches as football huddles every Sunday morning. Churches are huddling together and the outside world does not see them doing anything. Is your church in a huddle, or are you inviting people to join you? Is your church in a huddle, or are they going out into the world making an impact?

What are you doing to break down the signs that say you are in a huddle? What are you doing to be in the game?