Read Thu Bible ~ Job ~Waiting

Read Thu Bible ~ Job ~Waiting

We are in the book of Job in our read through the Bible series. Job is perhaps one of the most difficult books of the Bible to understand. The reason for this is that Job is trying to figure out how God’s justice works in the world. Job and his friends are trying to make sense of the suffering in the world. Humans have tried to make sense of suffering since the beginning of time. If you have not watched the video on Job, check it out here.

Meanwhile, what do we make of Job? For years there has been an adage of being as “patient as Job,” yet Job is anything but patient. His friends do one great thing for him: For the first week, they sit with him and wait, saying nothing. Then Jobs friends try to tell him he is in the wrong, they argue and contest his innocence.

My favorite part of this powerful book is when God answers Job out of the whirlwind. Beginning in chapter 38 God responds to Job’s accusations against God saying, “Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell me, if you have understanding. Who determined its measurements—surely you know?”

Like Job and his friends, I, too, am waiting. I am waiting for next steps. I am waiting to see God’s timing on the birth of my granddaughters. As I wait, I feel helpless. As I wait, I wonder where my patience has gone, after all, it is a fruit of the spirit. As I wait, I watch all of the other responsibilities that I have ebb and flow, while I am in a holding pattern. As I wait, I think of Job. He demanded a response from God as to his plight, and God’s answer is perhaps an answer to us all. “Where were you when I laid out the foundations of the earth?” Can you tell me……

When I read this magnificent poetry I stand in awe, once again, that the God of the universe even cares about me or my waiting. And I think about others in the biblical witness who had to wait for God’s timing….

  • Sara, Hannah, and Elizabeth all waited to be with child
  • Simeon and Anna waited to see the salvation of God in the form of baby Jesus
  • The women waited at the cross of Jesus watching him die
  • And the disciples waited in the upper room for the Holy Spirit to come….
  • The list goes on and on……

We all have the opportunity to wait. While we wait, God works on our hearts in new ways, to grow us, and God shows us grace. God uses this waiting to mature us as better disciples, and the Fruit of patience is being cultivated. And those things that we were supposed to be doing, well, God will take care of that too, in new and wonderful ways. So I am growing in grace, and I am waiting; just like Job was waiting.

When have you had the opportunity to wait? How did God offer you unexpected grace in the midst of waiting?

Meanwhile, while you are waiting, keep reading through Job and check out this song “While I am Waiting” by John Waller.

Time Management- 5 helpful things for church leaders

Whether you lead a small church or a large church, as a church leader time is the biggest commodity you have. On my busiest days my breath prayer is always the same, “Lord you have given me 24 hours in this day. Help me know what you want me to do and what I should lay aside.”

Literally, God knows what has to be accomplished.

1. Seek God’s guidance with your day. Maybe God has plans other than your own.

2. If you have not taken two weeks to literally plot where you time goes, please do so. Use a spread sheet and mark out what happens to all your time. Asses this use with a friend, a mentor or your SPRC chair. Is this what you want to be doing with your time? Do you get on facebook and suddenly see that an hour has disappeared? Has television become your nemesis?

3. Decide where you SHOULD be spending your time. See what can get cut out, and what needs to be beefed up. For example, I know some pastors who spend all day with congregants who are experiencing serious surgery. We need to do pastor care, but there are others who can spend all day. Is that the best use of your time? What about meeting new people in the community? Do you have at least 5 hours a week set aside to meet those in the community? We cannot reach new people in the community if we are not out meeting them.

4. How do you handle new things that come across your desk? One management technique is if it takes under 5 minutes, take care of it right away. If it is a bigger project, then put it on your schedule for a time to take care of it. Make sure you let the sender know the time period in which it will be taken care of.

5. At your most pressing moments, what gets cheated? There are some things that I will not allow to get cheated no matter what happens in my day. Those items set in stone for me are my family, my sermon preparation and my sleep. Choose ahead of time what you will allow to get cheated and what is set in stone. This will help you manage your time as opposed to your time managing you.

In all these things I can tell when I am most stressed as my “white space” the time that is breathing room gets worn away. That is when I know I need to regroup, I need to sit back and rethink how my time is being managed and organized.

How about you? What tricks have you learned that help you in your time management?